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Business Management

Business Management

A business management model aimed at customer growth.

A business management model aimed at customer growth.

LM Group develops its business process bonding high leveled experience and high performance. By constantly investing in it LM Group can guarantee a high level quality of its services.

The Group take advantage of the best and most current practices of business management. Also it has sound planning and reinvestment policy to provide our clients the best results.


Technology and innovation.

To increase the performance and to have an efficient measure of the results, LM Group has Shared Services Center.

This department shares common tasks: Accounting and financial process; human resource management; Information Technology; Corporate communications and legal processes. This improves the management performance.

Shared Tasks Center has strategic points in common:

–  SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: A sound basis for growth was created based upon a flexible operating base to seize the best opportunities and to best manage information.

–  FOCUS ON BUSINESS ACTIVITIES by standardizing processes and by sharing the best practices of inner control improvement

–  STRATEGIC DIRECTION to leverage productivity providing adequate supporting service, investments in technology and financial soundness.

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