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LM Group sponsors projects that encourages creativity in Brazil. Its focus is taking care of Brazilian cultural heritage. Thus LM Group promotes a free distribution of high quality cultural material for the society to have constant contact with what is produced.


Cairu, Cidade do Sol

Photographic exhibition and presentation of its book showed Cairu’s beauty, its culture and its inhabitant’s life style. Also the book brings pictures natural beauties of Morro de São Paulo, Barra Grande e Boipeba, beaches of the region of Cairu. Photograph and Natural Heritage are mixed in this project made by Rui Rezende – photographer from Bahia-Brazil.


Partnership with Carybé Institute

LM Group presented in 2012 the only short story written by the artist Hector Paride Bernabó (Carybé) entitled ‘Iaba’. It was the first result of the work in partnership with the company owner of its copyrights.

Read a small portion of it: “Everybody knows about Antonio’s life. His saga was full of love for women. As a personal enemy of working he liked to be well dressed up, drinking, fight capoeira and above all things he liked loving. He loved so much that he hurted himself. Conceição, Lurdes, two Zezé, five Marias, Arminda and a little more. Truly nobody knows how many women he had. Neither he himself. The extraordinary case was Iaba and everything else happened because of Cecília, who took him from Zulmira-Marrom.”

As an extension of it, another artistic project financed by Rouanet’s Law (Federal law to encourage cultural projects) entitled “100×100 – Carybé draws Jorge Amado” shows Carybé’s work of art to 4 towns located in main cultural areas of Bahia – Feira de Santana, Ilhéus, Salvador e Cairu – bringing art production to another cities than big metropolis.


The box  – Not Pandora’s

This theater spectacle celebrates Andreia Elia Neves 30th year long carrier. It reveals the feminine ‘soul’ and the desire of knowing the modern women who lives between Family and work as well as between self-contentment and social standards.

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